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Website Design

Whether you need a small, informative ‘business card’ website, a fully functional retail website with a shopping cart and high level content management, or something in between, Aldora Solutions has the tools, knowledge, and experience to build a website that fits your needs.

Using the Concrete5 CMS, Aldora custom builds you a website that is as unique as your individual business or pursuit, and takes that one-of-a kind feel into consideration with design and functionality. All websites are constructed with strict adherence to web content standards, so you can be confident that all visitors will see your website the same, regardless of what computer or web browser they use. And since Aldora Solutions can also handle your graphic design, there is a seamless integration between form and function.


Do you already have a website, but need it spruced up from either a design or functionality standpoint? Do you only need graphic design help, but from a person that also understands how to integrate your graphics into an online format? Or maybe you just need a simple Internet hosting solution. Aldora is the solution to all of these problems.

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