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On-site computer repair.
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Computer Repair and Technical Services

Some of the technical support services Aldora offers are:

  • Computer Diagnostics, Repair, Upgrades and Updates
  • Data Transfer (moving old documents to a new machine)
  • Hardware Installation and Support (including printers, faxes, scanners, modems, routers, switches, etc.)
  • Software Installation and Support (including software upgrades, and training on new software)
  • Wired or Wireless Network Installation and Support
  • Virus Scanning, Removal, and Prevention

Aldora also specializes in finding open source (free software) alternatives to expensive software, and blocking virus issues with the use of alternative web browsers and operating systems.

Aldora can also teach you how to help yourself with training on hardware or certain software applications, to ease the frustration you have working with your computer.

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