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Aldora Solutions offers a wide range of technical support services for individuals and businesses. Maybe you’re an individual with a virus on your computer, or maybe you’re a company who wants to set up a new website. Big or small, Aldora can offer you timely support at affordable rates.

"My $1300 DELL laptop had been sitting here unused for 3 years, as it had crashed and an 'expert' had tried to fix it - it was totally kaput they it had been barely used, I just kept it and would look it and get angry. Finally contacted Dave Hampton of Aldora, he came around, asked what the problem was, I told him what happened. He took my computer away and brought it back BETTER THAN NEW!!!!! More programs, all updated, no glitches - it's been running like a dream ever since.....even took it to Europe recently. Service is great, rates are fantastic - he actually DOES know what he is doing, and is always available for backup if necessary. Love Aldora Solutions - they gave me back my computer after 3 years of not being able to use it!!!!‎"

-Christine in Ashland

"I've been using Aldora for years, and David has been able to help me with virtually anything involving computers. From fixing a slow computer, to switching all of my data over when I bought a new computer, to helping me set up a wireless network in my house, and even building my website. Always knowledgeable and flexible, he came to my house when necessary, and the work was prompt. If Aldora only did AUTO REPAIR!!‎"

-Kyle in Ashland

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